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An Eulogy to liaison.

Starry night, starry night O the memories Of banished affairs and polluted joys Heart as torrid as a sudden flood Leaving ink blotches all over this billet-doux Starry night, stolen night Oh they… Continue reading

I’ve waited for you.

I’ve waited for you In fields of thorns Barefooted and yearning While you sleep in the poise of timeless bliss And dream of Shangri-la from the slums of a forgotten place. I’ve waited… Continue reading

Ode to men lost at sea.

To men whose grave is the sea He who hear last the bellow of the canons roar Whose epitaph is the murky waters written in invisible ink Men who die without saying goodbye… Continue reading

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    • RT @benshapiro: Facts don't care about your feelings. 2 days ago
    • RT @ewarren: The President is inciting violence against a sitting Congresswoman—and an entire group of Americans based on their religion. I… 1 week ago
    • RT @benshapiro: So Ilhan Omar says anti-Semitic things every two weeks for two months. Democrats defend her. People quote Omar’s words. Dem… 1 week ago
    • RT @benshapiro: In other words, if you label me alt-right, f*** you and f*** the horse you rode in on. 2 weeks ago
    • RT @benshapiro: Actually the immorality of it lies largely in refusal to fund proper facilities for detention pending processing. Who is re… 3 weeks ago
    • RT @benshapiro: .@TheEconomist, this is a vile lie. Not only am I not alt-right, I am probably their leading critic on the right. I was the… 3 weeks ago

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