An Eulogy to liaison.

Starry night, starry night O the memories
Of banished affairs and polluted joys
Heart as torrid as a sudden flood
Leaving ink blotches all over this billet-doux
Starry night, stolen night
Oh they passed too soon.

Restless night, restless night O the cankerous bell
Of midnight ruse and borrowed hours
And talks of scandalous promises and hors d’oeuvre
Rewriting this chronicle for the exodus of one
Restless night, Placid night
Now they’re just memories.

Fiery night, fiery night O the scarlet hues
Of fourteen clowns and carnival days
Lights as dim as a neon sky
Painting a Van Goth’s like a secret imagery
Fiery night, starlit night
If only they last.

Exiled night, exiled night O the adventure
Of weak pawns and sturdy knights
Albeit games as blithe as thrones
And left the chase to let Robert Frost have the final say
Exiled nights, lonely nights
Alas I lost.