I’ve waited for you.

I’ve waited for you
In fields of thorns
Barefooted and yearning
While you sleep in the poise of timeless bliss
And dream of Shangri-la from the slums of a forgotten place.

I’ve waited for you
On a sinking ship
Drowning and falling
While you wiggle to the excellency of your water ballet
And danced a thousand dance of majestic elegance.

I’ve waited for you
In a dirty cage
Hungry and unattended
While you soar free in the permanence of the vast open sky
And tell the myth of Icarus to those who strive to fly.

I’ve grown tired waiting
For I long the sun and all the summer I’ve missed
Because I can finally write eulogy of sentiments and forgiveness
And be thankful for the strength to say
Forgive me love for I can no longer wait for you.


Mimikyo Lalrempuii.