Ode to men lost at sea.

To men whose grave is the sea
He who hear last the bellow of the canons roar
Whose epitaph is the murky waters written in invisible ink
Men who die without saying goodbye to lovers and sweet babes.

To lovers lost at sea
Whose sweet tears marry the briny sea
Whose tombs are bedeck with flowerpot and sun coral
Surpassing that of other’s in God’s green earth; where forget-me-nots and lilies only thrive a day or two.

To soldiers whose mausoleum is the sea
Whose tired hands and lion’s heart stands the test of time
Whose unrelenting voices echoed through the transcendental waters
Chanting “The Cavalrymen’s Poem” all the way to Fiddler’s Green.

To all men who were destined to die at sea
Whose hankering heart never anchor home
Brave men who batten down the latches in the storm
And are bury down anonymous in Davy Jones’ Locker forevermore.

Inspired by the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

Mimikyo Lalrempuii.Image