DISCLAIMER: All description below are based on the three types of assholes I’ve come across the years.

In no particular order…..

He smile, like he’s James Dean. Well, not that he look anything like James Dean but he smile, in a manner that surreptitiously pledge insecurities all the while thinking he’s a rebel without a cause. He fit the scene – shag hair, torn jeans and white tee. He is somewhat charming, great with people but deep inside he is a pretend cavalier with a huge but easily deflated ego. And ladies you do not want to date this man. Although you might be taken by his unruly boyish looks and fashion statement he’ll bomb you with his insecurities, torpedoes your self-respect and gun down every positive vibe you possess until his pessimism suck out all the optimism and you’re left with a mirror image of what you once was. No matter how many times he apologize over a wrongdoing he’s bound to injure again faster than a fat kid can eat at a cake buffet. He’ll always build his promises upon the sand, is the undisputed king of blame and will not change no matter how many times he say he will, not for me, not for you or anyone. The problem with this man is he’s just trying so hard to be an asshole. Funny considering the fact that he suppose himself so cool.

He smirk because he has a good job. And all those years of intent studying has finally pay off. He graduated top of his class and there he was – asshole in the process. He’s now a doctor. And suddenly his world change. Girls whizzed around him and gold-digger clasp to him like a fly to honey. The new job ushered a new attitude. Now he walked with his nose up in the air, so high you can see his snot dangling like a shit on stick. In fact he think he can have every girl he wants and he‘s wrong. I guess that’s the equation he was never taught in medical school. He likes to engage in conversation using obscure intellectual jargon just to make himself sound superior than everyone. He’s the one who find vilification in every article he read because he think he’s just so smart. He’ll argue like a weasel which only prove the proposition that once upon a time he was an annoying high school nerd with bad breath and erectile dysfunction. The culture of medical school makes him think that he should know everything all times, thus concluding that ignorance is also a part of his education. After hours of careful feedback and observance – he is a genuine asshole.

He is what every girl wants. Tall and handsome with a good job. Descended from a family who was once rich and influential, he is the kind of guy who will swept you off your feet until five dates later you’ll realized he’s just another headache waiting to happen. He’ll bludgeon your ear with how many hot girls he had dated in the past or how many properties his dad owns which by the way is a frantic attempt to cloak the fact that his family is bankrupt. His glory days are long gone and his family is intoxicate with debts . Now he’s just a son of a once rich man – a title not very complimentary by any standards considering that he flaunt credit cards but have creditors chasing after him. He majored in Advertising, he takes his job way too seriously “ADVERTISING”. While we are in some ways all guilty of a little boasting, there are actually people like him – extraordinarily braggers who have no limits. He’s the type of guy who brag about his physique saying “ I’m not trying to sound into myself but people tell me I look like a celebrity”. That’s right. He bore a striking resemblance to Zach Galifianakis on steriod except Zach Galifianakis made a lot money than he does. So after subtracting all the liabilities, his family’s debt, the self-aggrandizing and the absolute manifestation of unshamelessness, his net worth is zero and the impact of his worth….NONE or in this particular blog – A first class asshole.

PS: To the readers, I promise you my next entry will be 100% asshole free.

Mimikyo Lalrempuii.